We partner with existing management teams and continuously invest in their long-term success.

Former Metaldyne Performance Group CEO George Thanopoulos and David Musicant

We believe in alignment and communication among company management, the Investment Team, and the Resources Group.

CEO Finish Rate

We support existing CEOs and management teams throughout our partnership, resulting in low leadership turnover.

Fund Life

Our unique 25-year fund life allows us to focus on the long-term best interest of companies.

Our long-tenured Investment Team serves as thought partner to management teams.

Partnering Services
Average Managing Director Tenure

The Resources Group is a team of functional experts who are American Securities employees and are available upon a CEO’s request.

Of Our Company Facing Team

Partnering Expertise


Strategic planning, growth studies, and market/competitive analyses


Acquisition integration, continuous improvement efforts, and supply chain management

Human Capital

Talent management, including succession planning and recruiting

Information Technology

Platform assessments and implementations

Financial Performance

Building internal finance teams, capturing Big Data opportunities, preparing for IPOs, and managing capital markets

Commercial Excellence

Take advantage of, and achieve impact in, pricing and other sales activities

China Office

Distinctive capabilities in Asia-Pacific strategy and operations

The combination of our Investment Team and the Resources Group helps management drive value creation.

Listen to management teams share their stories about partnership and value creation.