Frank MacInnis

Former Chairman and CEO of EMCOR Group, Inc. and Former Chairman of The Williams Companies

Frank MacInnis formerly served as Chairman and CEO of Connecticut-based EMCOR Group, Inc (NYSE:EME), the world’s largest specialty construction and facilities services company. He has more than 30 years experience in the international construction and facilities industry. After five years of commercial law practice with the Liden, Ackroyd firm in Edmonton, Mr. MacInnis began his construction career in Tehran, Iran as an officer of Paris-based Spied Batignolles S.A. The following years included postings and construction operations positions in such diverse locations as Baghdad, Bangkok, the United Arab Emirates and London, England. He moved to Oklahoma from London in 1981 when he was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of H.C. Price Construction, a builder of large diameter oil and gas pipelines. From Oklahoma and later Dallas, Mr. MacInnis participated in the construction of some of the premier oil and gas development projects. During this period, he also found a pioneering company in the new field of horizontal directional drilling. After serving for several years as the Chairman of the Comstock Group, Inc., a New York-based construction group, Mr. MacInnis joined JWP in 1994 and successfully managed its reorganization and served as chairman for 20 years. Today, EMCOR Group, Inc., the successor company to JWP, is a Fortune 500 firm with more than 29,000 employees worldwide and $6.4 billion in revenues.

Mr. MacInnis served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for five years and Director for 18 years of The Williams Companies (NYSE:WMB) and is Chairman of ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT). Mr. MacInnis is also a Director of Gilbane, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of ComNet Communications, LLC. Mr. MacInnis has an undergraduate and law degree (LLB) from the University of Alberta.